Train Together

As a company officer, training officer, or instructor, you can facilitate in-person delivery with a group of any size. You can watch lessons together and stop and start lessons to discuss how the concepts relate to your unique situation or how you might deploy the tactics on the fireground. At the conclusion of your training session, each participant can log in to their own account to complete the assessment and receive credit for the course. At this time, only certain courses are available for group delivery; to view this list please see the FAQ page.

Incorporate into Existing Curriculum

Shorter, more focused lessons can be easily integrated into your existing curriculum. Use the lessons to introduce fundamental concepts or enhance your students' understanding of the fireground strategy and tactics that are already part of your mandatory training. Many of the lessons are correlated to specific NFPA standards, making it easier to integrate the lessons into the curriculum and help meet specific requisite knowledge requirements. Some content can even be downloaded and embedded directly into your existing presentations.

Integrate with your Existing LMS

Integrate with your existing learning management system to provide learners with a one-stop shop for training. Your members will be able to move seamlessly between your existing platform and the Fire Safety Academy, and you will be able to track and manage their training records in one place. For more information and to see if your learning platform is compatible, create a support ticket.