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Jan 24, 2024
12 mins

Air Entrainment by Fire Service Hose Streams

Jun 29, 2022
158 mins

Evidence-Based Structural Firefighting

Building Construction, Fire Dynamics, Health and Wellness, Suppression, Ventilation
Feb 1, 2024
115 mins

Prerequisites for Live Fire Training Participants

Fire Dynamics
Jan 24, 2024
42 mins

Residential Attic and Exterior Fires

Building Construction, Suppression, Ventilation
Feb 16, 2023
65 mins

Residential Fire Near Miss Incident in LaGrange, GA

Fire Dynamics, Suppression, Ventilation, Near Miss/Line of Duty Death
Jan 24, 2024
41 mins

Understanding and Fighting Basement Fires

Building Construction, Fire Dynamics, Suppression, Ventilation
Jan 24, 2024
18 mins

Water Mapping in Residential Structures

Fire Dynamics, Suppression